AJ BANK$Y - Recording Artist

This talented MC minces syllables just as nimbly as he does his pride. Bank$y is known for his piercing candor and revelatory tone when exploring the topics of identity, self-discovery, success and failures through the canvas of hip-hop. 


SHA - Recording Artist

This gritty MC holds nothing back as he navigates the journey of artistry, adulthood, and relationships while effortlessly volleying "16's" to and fro. Driven by an unwavering sense of determination, the young rhymer's destiny is sealed by one phrase--"be great."



A self-proclaimed renaissance man, the uber-talented artist juggles between taming an expansive lexicon into written art, crafting visual brilliance, and capturing the eccentricities of humanity behind his lens. He believes that art's sole function is to compel the human heart into action. Otherwise, it is useless.