AJ Bank$y


He’s been touted as the South’s Kendrick Lamar. Meet Aaron ‘[AJ] Bank$y’ Jordan.
— Rolling Out (2016)


At the age of 24, Aaron Jordan is endeavoring on his own odyssey. The overachieving, charismatic hometown boy from Florida's Space Coast , who is known by his rap pseudonym AJ Bank$y, finds himself suspended between the curtain call of adolescent fantasies and the labyrinth of adulthood. And like a modern-day Homer, he is determined to leave his legacy in ink...and 808s. 

Coming up during the height of Lil Wayne's hip-hop glory in the mid-2000's, Bank$y fell in love with the genre and credits Lil Wayne and Wale as his earliest hip-hop influencers. The young rapper, has two solo projects to his name and is currently working on his third EP which is slated to drop in February 2017.

Bank$y’s lyrics often balance several key themes: his own identity, his destiny, Black America, and salvation. His transparency within his music connects him with a diverse audience as he spreads light and love on his journey from anonymity to the promise of stardom.


[AJ Bank$y’s] catalog of strong and smooth instrumentals is only outdone by his adept level of lyricism and cohesive flow.
— Mieux Magazine (2016)